Let’s Recap

I swear I’m not just jumping on the bandwagon when I say fall is my favorite time of year.  I love that the weather starts getting cooler (especially important in Florida), the colors start changing, and the anticipation of the holidays to come!  Fortunately, my cousin got married in Indiana last weekend so I was able to fly out there and get a glimpse of the fall season up north.  And it definitely filled the void..

I also got to wear a flannel shirt, eat heavy foods, and use the seat warmers – score.

Now that the weekend is here I’m finally getting back to somewhat normal living.  I also finally decided to bite the bullet and get a new computer so that I could upload my pictures!  I’m SO excited.  I’ve always had apple computers but I’ve never had an apple desktop so it’s taking some getting used to but I can’t wait to work on my photography with this massive screen!

Still working on getting decorated and clutter in it’s place with the new apartment.

Things to look forward to: THE Bob Dylan in concert, my best friend’s wedding, Thanksgiving, and another trip to Indiana for Christmas.  It’s going to be fast and hectic but I can’t wait to experience it all!  Enjoy your weekend!




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