How I Capture

I hate to even admit it but I dropped my computer and completely ruined all of my ports on the side.  Whhhyyy!!  This laptop has stuck with me since May 2011 (college graduation gift) and I’m pretty sure it’s had about 10 lives.  I love this computer but the worst part is, it’s a MacBook Pro and there’s no way I can afford this good of a computer on my own.  I either need to find a way to download my pictures without using the card reader/USB or suck it up and find a new one.

Anyway, since I can’t download pictures from my camera right now I thought I’d share what I’m shooting with.  A couple years ago my parents bought me a Canon Rebel EOS t3i and it’s exactly right for me.  img_0076

I love that it’s a medium size – not too big and heavy like the one my Dad carries around.  It’s taking so much getting used to but I’m finally learning some of the important buttons and switches for the perfect picture.


It’s been with me to California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Oregon, Washington and hopefully 44 more states 🙂


My Dad has been encouraging me to step up my photog game so after lots of saving we ordered a 24 – 105 lens and I’m so excited!  My Dad has one that he let me borrow a few times and I do think it made a positive difference in my pictures.  Should be arriving within the next week and I can’t wait to give it a spin!

Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!


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