Let’s Recap

I swear I’m not just jumping on the bandwagon when I say fall is my favorite time of year.  I love that the weather starts getting cooler (especially important in Florida), the colors start changing, and the anticipation of the holidays to come!  Fortunately, my cousin got married in Indiana last weekend so I was able to fly out there and get a glimpse of the fall season up north.  And it definitely filled the void..

I also got to wear a flannel shirt, eat heavy foods, and use the seat warmers – score.

Now that the weekend is here I’m finally getting back to somewhat normal living.  I also finally decided to bite the bullet and get a new computer so that I could upload my pictures!  I’m SO excited.  I’ve always had apple computers but I’ve never had an apple desktop so it’s taking some getting used to but I can’t wait to work on my photography with this massive screen!

Still working on getting decorated and clutter in it’s place with the new apartment.

Things to look forward to: THE Bob Dylan in concert, my best friend’s wedding, Thanksgiving, and another trip to Indiana for Christmas.  It’s going to be fast and hectic but I can’t wait to experience it all!  Enjoy your weekend!




How I Capture

I hate to even admit it but I dropped my computer and completely ruined all of my ports on the side.  Whhhyyy!!  This laptop has stuck with me since May 2011 (college graduation gift) and I’m pretty sure it’s had about 10 lives.  I love this computer but the worst part is, it’s a MacBook Pro and there’s no way I can afford this good of a computer on my own.  I either need to find a way to download my pictures without using the card reader/USB or suck it up and find a new one.

Anyway, since I can’t download pictures from my camera right now I thought I’d share what I’m shooting with.  A couple years ago my parents bought me a Canon Rebel EOS t3i and it’s exactly right for me.  img_0076

I love that it’s a medium size – not too big and heavy like the one my Dad carries around.  It’s taking so much getting used to but I’m finally learning some of the important buttons and switches for the perfect picture.


It’s been with me to California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Oregon, Washington and hopefully 44 more states 🙂


My Dad has been encouraging me to step up my photog game so after lots of saving we ordered a 24 – 105 lens and I’m so excited!  My Dad has one that he let me borrow a few times and I do think it made a positive difference in my pictures.  Should be arriving within the next week and I can’t wait to give it a spin!

Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!

My Kind of Meal Prepping

If I had to choose between eating healthy and working out I’d choose working out every time.  Of course I feel better when I eat better and I want to feel good and look good but the preparing that is involved is enough to make me lazy for life.  So, when I get in the mood to cook I take full advantage.  Today was one of those days.

I know there are amazing people out there that prep their entire week of food but I just don’t have the patience for it.  I’d prefer to make all snacks and breakfast items and then rely on making dinner each night and use the leftovers for lunch.

I should preface this by saying – I am not a great cook.  9 times out of 10 it turns out fine but let’s just sayy I’m more of the eye baller type of cook.  I also don’t exactly follow cook times and prefer to wing it.  Adds some charm, right!

Today involved:

2 ingredient pumpkin muffins


Egg and Broccoli Frittatas


Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding


I also made boiled eggs for snacks and quinoa for dinner this week.  I’ve only tried the muffins so I’m hoping the chia seed pudding and egg frittatas are good as well!

Do you do meal prepping for the week?

New Favorite Way to Read

I’ve always loved to read.  Unlike my brother, it came easy to me and I actually enjoyed it.  Once college came and I had to read things I didn’t like, I pretty much lost all interest.  Fortunately, now that I’m in the real world, my work stays at work so I’m free to read whatever I please and I’m living it up!


I can’t remember how I discovered Book of the Month Club but I’m so happy that I did.  It’s a great community filled with book lovers of all genres.  After you make an account with them you answer a few questions about what types of books you’re interested in and how often you read.


On the first of each month they release 5 books to choose from.  Each one has a description written by one of their book judges and their input on why you should read it.  You pick the book you want and have the option for them to ship it early for no extra cost!  Plus, if you have more than one book you want to try then you can add another book to your cart for only $9.99 – steal.


Three out of the three books I’ve chosen I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.  To be honest, the first two were better than the third but they all upheld my attention and kept me guessing until the end.  It also gives me something to look forward to and a goal to reach!  I know I’m expecting a new book each month so at the least I’m reading one book per month.  I love getting to see the selections on the first and choosing my favorite.

If you’re interested in joining, Book of the Month has given me a link for you to sign up and receive a BOTM canvas tote (love mine) and a 30% discount for 3 months.

Worth a try!


First Post + Fall DIY

Hello!  I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now but never could get the courage because I didn’t know where to start.  I have ideas for posts, projects to document, pictures to upload but the first post was too much pressure.  So I finally decided that I want to jump right in.  No fluff.

Despite the fact that I currently live in Florida, I actually LOVE cold weather.  I love fall and I love winter.  More importantly I love all things that come with the fall season including but not limited to pumpkins, orange, red, and yellow colors, leaves, pumpkin and more pumpkin 🙂

While I was browsing Michaels yesterday, searching for any possible way to spend my 20% off everything in the store (sorry, already expired!), I noticed almost all fall decorations were 40-60% off.  Score!  Next thing I knew, I was at home with a full blown project ahead of me!


I got four larger sized mason jars, orange paint and yellow paint (which actually look much brighter in the picture), twine, and fake fall flowers.  I had painted mason jars before so I knew it’s pretty easy.  After painting two coats, I superglued the twine around the rim of the glass.  Filled with flowers and boom – you have homemade fall decorations!  I didn’t buy enough flowers so two have flowers and two are just additional colors on my bookshelf.

I love them!  They add so much color and I love the larger mason jars.  The fake flowers look great and are no-maintenance so that’s right up my alley.  Such an easy afternoon project that anyone can enjoy!

Thanks for reading!  Many more to come.  Have a great week!

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